Checkout Instructions: Order now using: Credit Card, or Debit Card to complete your order. Follow the steps below. We use a third party processor to handle our credit card orders.

Click on the buy now button. A new window will open to:

Follow the instructions below to pay using your: credit card, or debit card.
Help: Video Instructions

Step 1:

Click on Buy Now Above. A new window will open to:

Step 2:

Start by clicking on the "Buy" tab. Then enter the amount in USD of the Membership you wish to buy. (ie: Advanced: $397 USD) Prices are listed just over to the lower right. Make sure you're buying Bitcoin, the symbol is BTC. If you're outside of the US, then you may need to do a currency conversion using Google to ensure you're buying the correct amount (ie: 397 usd). To do that go to google and type in "currency coverter". Choose USD and type in 397 (for example). And that will bring up the amount in your own currency.

Send funds to us at this bitcion address (copy and paste, do not type it):



Step 3:

Then click on the "Buy BTC now" button

Step 4: On the next screen you'll be given an option to select which rate and processor you want to go with. Choose which one and click the "Buy Now" button.
Step 4:

On the next screen it will say: "Enter your BTC wallet address".

Copy and paste our BTC Address (show in blue below). Paste it into the "To" field. Also do not type in the address to avoid any errors. Then click Continue.


(This is an example. Choose the Membership you want.
Prices are listed just over on the right.)

You'll be asked to confirm. Click the "I agree with terms" box and then click the "Go to Payment Button".

Step 5: Select the credit card option. Click continue.
Step 6: Enter your credit card info. click on the "I have read and agreed..." check box. Then click "next".
Step 8:

Review the confirmation page and complete your order. Your payment is now completed. The transaction will be completed very shortly.

Step 9:

IMPORTANT: Once you've sent your payment, then be sure to send us confirmation of this by Clicking Here 

Help: If you have any problems please contact us

NOTE: The payment option is available in most countries, states, and provinces, with a few exceptions. If this payment service is unavailable in your area then click the back button or click here to return to the payment options page to select a different option. If you require assistance please contact us. Thank you.

If you require assistance please contact us. Thank you.

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Choose Your Membership
Standard: (25 signups) $297 USD
Advanced: (45 signups) $397 USD
Professional: (100 signups) $497 USD
Platinum: (150 signups) $697 USD
VIP: (200 signups) $897 USD
Elite (500 signups) $1497 USD

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