SUMMARY: If you want to pay with plain old cash, it's easy. Just follow the steps below.

You'll go to your local bitcoin ATM and simply make a deposit and you're done. Follow these simple steps by pay with cash.

Using Paper Cash Money at Your Local Bitcoin ATM:

STEP 1: Getting Cash: Go to your regular bank ATM. Insert your credit card, and do a cash advance to withdraw cash. Or insert your bank card and withdraw cash from your checking or savings account. Take out the amount of cash you'll require for your Membership purchase (ie: Standard Membership $297 round up to 300).

STEP 2: Next, using your smart phone take a screen shot, or photo of this QR code image you see below:


STEP 3: Open google search ( (or google maps).

Type in and search google for this keyword: bitcoin ATM ... or .... bitcoin ATM + (name of your town, city) ie: bitcoin atm Miami FL.

Typically this should bring up the location of your local bitcoin ATM machine. Bitcoin ATM's are basically similiar to regular bank ATM's only that they allow you to order bitcoins by depositing cash. Usually they're located in places like neighborhood shopping malls and coffee shops.

Check to ensure the Bitcoin ATM is both: working and that you're going there during their open business hours. (call ahead if it's at say a coffee shop to verify)

STEP 4: Go to the Bitcoin ATM.   Bring with you:   1) smartphone with image of bitcoin QR code above.   2) cash money

Confirmed Location
Smart Phone With Photo

Phoned Ahead:

  • The Bitcoin ATM is working.

  • I have the address.

  • The Coffee shop where it's located is open until 9pm. I'm good to go!"

STEP 5: Follow the steps shown on the ATM screen. Each bitcoin ATM is different. Most are easy to use and very user friendly. Just be sure to bring your smart phone with you to the ATM.

  • The ATM will ask if you're "Buying" or "Selling" bitcoin. Select "Buying".

  • Then the ATM will ask you to scan the QR code. Open the QR code. Then simply hold your phone up to the ATM scanner.

  • After the ATM reads the QR code, it will ask you to input your cash. Input:

    • STANDARD: 297 USD,   or   ADVANCED: 397 USD,    PROFESSIONAL: 497 USD,

    •  PLATINUM: 697 USD,   or   VIP: 897 USD,   or    ELITE: 1497 USD

    • Billed in one lump sum payment.

    • Simple way to pay with cash, if you don't have a credit card.

  • After you feed your cash into the ATM machine it will provide you with a confirmation receipt. Keep that.

  • Sometimes it's a paper receipt, sometimes it's just a confirmation on the screen. If it's just on the screen please take a photo of it. (Don't lose your confirmation).

  • Rest assured, because the ATM is scanning the QR code (step 1), it's virtually impossible for there to be any errors which is why these bitcoin ATM's are so popular for sending funds to people in this new format around the world.

STEP 6: Once you've completed using the ATM, and made payment, then click "Confirm Payment" below to complete the transaction. We will then confirm your payment has arrived. After we've confirmed your payment you will get a "welcome email" with your login info. Thank you.


This has been so exciting. I can't say enough about this amazing service! My downline has grown at ten times the speed with half the effort. I got 200 people on my team in less than a month, and it's only been growing."

Claire Faulkner


*Other payment options: If you're having any problems and need an alternative payment method then click here



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